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 Weapon Plusing Example

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New Member
New Member

PostSubject: Weapon Plusing Example   Fri Mar 20, 2009 5:26 pm

This is probably not possible to do, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.

It'd be cool to see a section that displays the various sheens of plused weapons, the actual animated sheens as we see in-game.

Showing +3 through +9 or even higher, (not sure if there is a different sheen above +10, at least I can't recall ever seeing anything that wasen't white, lavander [pink, purple, whatever], gold, or blue).
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Global Moderator
Global Moderator

PostSubject: Re: Weapon Plusing Example   Wed May 13, 2009 12:32 am


i think this is possible for someone who has done some pk2 editing.

But unfortunately i've never did pk2 edit so i don't know how to do this so i can't help u (maybe someone else).

this is what i know:
+0/1/2: nothing
+3/4: silver glow
+5/6: purple glow
+7/8: golden glow
+9 and above: crystal glow

and of course Seal Of Star (SOS), Seal Of Moon (SOM) and Seal Of Sun (SOSun) will glitter =D

A combination of both will look very nice Very Happy

Good Luck with your own plussing Razz
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Weapon Plusing Example
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