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 [GUIDE] Cold better then Lighing for STR char

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[GUIDE] Cold better then Lighing for STR char Empty
PostSubject: [GUIDE] Cold better then Lighing for STR char   [GUIDE] Cold better then Lighing for STR char I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 7:13 am

Many of you keep suggesting 90 weapon/90 fire/90 light/30 ice STR builds.
thing is, its just not that good and you're more than often gonna end
up getting the person massacred in pvp, or theyll have to run away.

what exactly does lightning provide to everyone that is so appealing?

First of all, the figures for 90 light look like this =>

Maxed Force Piercing Force = 18% magical boost.
Maxed Grasswalk = 77% moving speed gained at lvl 85.
Maxed Ghostwalk = 23 meters at lvl 90.
Maxed Concentration = 34 Parry gained at lvl 89.
Maxed Passive = 33 Parry at 90.

In total it takes 166,488 SP to get all that maxed. Congrats, you can kill monsters *applause*.

Now im giving you my perfect 90 cap STR build =>
90 weapon/90 fire/72 ice/48 light

lvl 72 Ice is just good enough for Might Guard of Ice lvl 3.
Might Guard lvl 3 = 63 Physial defense.
Ice Passive = 59 Physical defense.
combined they equal 122 physical defense.
what can you compare that much raw physical defense to?
a completely clean 89 garm leg minus the reinforce.
[GUIDE] Cold better then Lighing for STR char Mhca6q

how much defense is 30 ice? 8 from passive, 8 from the soft guard of ice buff. A whopping 16 physical defense. "But you're a strength char you already have high physical defense"
thats so much bull, the increased physical defense makes a world of
difference and you wouldn't understand until you pvped someone with
high ice. Next up is grasswalk...


We can clear out the grasswalk due to typhoons or bards.
grasswalk+garments give you 97% moving speed. It doesn't go beyond
that, you get a new book of grasswalk 7 levels after you've maxed out
the previous book and from the looks of it the new one is coming at lvl

against monsters with a 72 ice/ 48 light build that ive stated you have 53% moving speed.
Thats already better than moving speed scrolls, and with garms you have 73% MOVING SPEED!!!!
if you can't tolerate 73% speed then you're just way too impatient, 73% is remarkable for 48 light


parry ratio, has anyone really seen a difference between 25 and 30
parry ratio? Whenever i lvled up parry, it felt like a waste of sp.
Anyway, we'll treat this as if a few points actually mattered...oh wait
they kinda dont.

You can increase your parry ratio on each equipment by over 20%.
How much parry are we at for a typical player this 90 cap? like 400 parry?
Parry ratio scroll, which increases your parry by 30%, would increase
your parry by 120 Points with that given figure. That's how significant
of a parry change you must have in order to feel a difference, not the
1 point of parry you gain by lvling up concentration once.

lvl 90 concentration (34 parry) + passive (33 parry) = 67 parry points
lvl 48 concentration (23 parry) + passive (21 parry) = 44 parry points

A difference of 23 Parry, big difference? thats a big fat lol


now we've got the magical buff.
18% at lvl 88,
17% at lvl 78,
16% at lvl 68,

just to go from 16% to 18% it takes a crazy 54,000 SP. Is that worth it for 2% more mag when you're str?
almost insignificant, the only INT you have is the 1 int you get just
for lvling up, and whatever int you have on your gears. And even then
only 2% of that is added to your imbue damage, thats almost nothing.
But why even 16% mag boost?

for 16% magical boost (force piercing force lvl 1) you need to have lvl 68 lightning.
after that level it takes forever to gain 1% more magical damage, yet for some reason the previous levels come by easier.

12% at lvl 48
13% at lvl 51
15% at lvl 54

wow it goes up 3% in 6 levels, wheras from lvl 68 to 88 (20 levels) it only goes up 2%.
Point is, completely not worth it for STR which gain very little from it.
12% is more than enough, which gives you 48 light. Joymax knows it, I know it, and you are now informed of it.

Lastly we have Ghostwalk - Shadow (or phantom for low lvls).
It would be nice if it wasn't a complete ripoff.
from lvl 32-65 each time you lvled it up it gave you a 1 meter increase.
Then for some reason it dropped to .5 meters, yet cost five times more SP.

lvl'ing up the skill from 62 to 65 phantom costs 4,658 sp for 21meters
lvl'ing up the skill from 84 to 90 shadow costs .. 24,746 for 23meters

wait...what...lvl 62 phantom compared to 90 phantom..the difference is only 2 meters? lol.
yes thats right people, its only a 2 meter difference.

but with my build, lvl 48 light, its only 15meters. Its 8 meters shorter than 90 light so its a Big difference.
meters is good enough though, believe me it wont be as necessary when
people with 90 light have to run away from YOU because they can't do
enough damage on you to kill you.

Face it, no one can kill
anyone thats moving, a 90 light person with 97% speed (garms) cant kill
a 48 light person with MUCH HIGHER physical defense that has a typhoon
on, its just impossible, the moving speed the build provides which is
73% moving speed with garms is even extremely hard to take down, the
opponent gets out of range too often, its just not happening.

In conclusion,

1)the parry ratio difference is shit,
2)the magical boost difference is shit,
grasswalk can be replaced with a typhoon, bard, or you can tolerate the
73% moving speed from the grasswalk buff+ garms which is still
spectacular considering its 48 light,
4)122 physical defense from your Ice is much better than someone with 18% magical boost compared to your 12% magical boost.

Overall, you are much stronger than someone with 90 light.
And whats sexy is that you also have 3 different Snow Shield books all used for different occasions.

is the perfect STR Build, so f*ck you guys telling all newcomers that
90 weap/90 fire/90 light/30 ice is the way to go, you're just screwing
over everyone else and if you're also going with that build then gg for
you. Sorry for the 'barotix'-type rant but don't give new people sub
par builds, it honestly doesnt help anyone and if you're only doing it
because its easier to say 90 weap/90fire/90light/30 cold than all this
shit ive written down then just copy and paste or direct them to this
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[GUIDE] Cold better then Lighing for STR char Empty
PostSubject: Re: [GUIDE] Cold better then Lighing for STR char   [GUIDE] Cold better then Lighing for STR char I_icon_minitimeThu May 07, 2009 11:45 pm

Where did you find this guide at? it is very good
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[GUIDE] Cold better then Lighing for STR char
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