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 [BUILD] Warrior/Warlock

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[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Empty
PostSubject: [BUILD] Warrior/Warlock   [BUILD] Warrior/Warlock I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 7:06 am

This guide is a guide for a warrior (1handed) and a warlock
And let's get started now:


II.Armour & Gear
III.Pot Delay Problems
IV.Warrior Skills
V.Warlock Skills
VII. Cons Of The Build
VIII.Warrior/Warlock Videos

Strength the WHOLE WAY. You don't want any Intelligence, even though
you're a warlock. Warlock is only needed for debuffing, no Magical
It should look like this with no buffs, scrolls, or armour:
[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Purestrln9



[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Robes8dno7

prefer robes, since first of all your Pure Strength, and second of all,
only nukes from nukers/wizards will do any true damage against you.
Gear should have be +3 and higher, with mostly 100% blues (I also think
some MP should be added to it, since the debuffs cost a bit more MP).


Warlock Rod:
this doesn't have to have any +, but blues wouldn't hurt. The stats of
your warlock rod won't help your debuffs to be stronger, it is the
level of your debuffs that will make them stronger.
[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warlockrodfm6


Your sword should have atleast +5 or higher, and 100% blues. It is your
damage dealer on this build, and the higher the better. Critical and
physical percentage is also important.
[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Euroswordmj7


This should also be +5 or higher. It will give you extra defense and so
on. The blocking ratio should be 16 or higher, and full blues is almost
positively needed. I suggest also having a high physical defense mostly
since your wearing robes. [BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Euroshieldeo3

The European Classes have a pot delay of 15 seconds, which can cause a problem.
Use Vigors... [BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Vigorpotionlargetk1

A lot of 25% Vigor Recovery Grains [BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Vigor25percentgrainoo1
came out in this last event, and hopefully you saved yours (4 second pot delay)
Use 25% HP Recovery Grains... [BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Hp25percentgrainkx6
will also give you a 4 second pot delay, which is 11 seconds less than
a normal pot delay, and 3 seconds more than a Chinese's pot delay.

you didn't get any, or you don't have the cash to buy any and just use
normal pots, thats OK too. With this build, it has many debuffs that
stop the player, which will give you a couple seconds extra to heal.

IV.Warrior Skills

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warriorrow1gw0
All these skills are needed.

Taunting Target: Taunts someone so they will attack you even if someone is attacking them

Vital Increase: Great against Wizards (Increases your HP by a certain amount but reduces Physical and Meelee damage.

Descry: Detects Rogues, very helpful against Rogues

Sprint Assault: Causes you to thunder towards your enemy with quick speeds. It can cause Stun & Knock back

Iron Skin: Gives you incredibly high physical defense for a certain amount

Howling Shout: Same thing as Taunting Target

Mana Skin: Gives you incredibly high magical defense for a certain amount

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warriorrow2wc6

Pain Quota: I think it is absolutely needed for Parties with Europeans

Physical Fence, Magical Fence, Protect:
It takes a certain amount of damage/aggro from another character. It is
somewhat helpful, but it can kill you too if the attacks are too
strong. Cape or no cape, you'll lose experience points.

Physical/Morale Screen:
It gives the same amount of defense of Iron/Mana Skin, but for someone
else. I think this is very helpful for jobwars, guild wars, fortress
wars, and more.

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warriorrow3sj9

One-Hand Arms, Power Shield, Blockade, Critical Void: Max all of these. They'll give you attack/defence buffs for 1handed warriors. Very useful... [All Passive]

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warriorrow4xe4

All of these should be maxed. The first one, Slash, is used throughout leveling. The other three, Shield Trash, Double Stab, and Berserker are mastered to also master Shield Crush, Cunning Stab, and Daring Berserker.
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[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Empty
PostSubject: Re: [BUILD] Warrior/Warlock   [BUILD] Warrior/Warlock I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 7:07 am

V.Warlock Skills

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warlockrow3vi1

are your debuffs. The first 2 and last 2 are can be both leveled to the
max of level 8 debuff. The only difference is that the last two are AOE
debuffs, meaning they'll debuff more than one person in that area. I
personally think it is fine just to get the first two and stick with
those. The middle two, aren't AOE, but you should still get them if you
want AOE or not. They are very important like the rest of your debuffs

Physical Raze: Reduces Physical Defense

Magical Raze: Reduces Magical Defense

Combat Raze: Reduces Physical and Magical Offensive powers

Courage Raze: Increases Physical and Magical Offensive powers done to your enemy.

Physical Ravage: AOE ; See: Physical Raze

Magical Ravage: AOE ; See: Magical Raze

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warlockrow4xn5

Red Flower: [Passive] Increases damage of Blood Skills, needed for Bloody Trap

Trap Booster: [Passive] Increases Bloody Trap damage

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warlockrow5fj4

Blood Flower: You don't need this, this is for Pure Intelligence, it is a Magical Attack.

Bloody Trap: Needed, it does a good amount of damage, and explodes at any time (does not leave the opponent when weapons are switched)

Death Flower: AOE ; See: Blood Flower

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warlockrow6ic1

Daze: Stuns your enemies for a certain amount of time, get it. Very useful for PVP/PVE

Fog Sight:
Makes your enemy distance attacks have a shorter distance. Optional, I
suggest not to, it's a waste of SP, and not very helpful.

Illusion: makes you be like someone else for a certain amount of time. Useful for disguising in Jobs.

Wrath Daze: AOE ; See Daze (Get it, stuns to a higher level)

Shade Illusion: See Illusion (Get it, lets you copy a character that is a higher level)

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warlockrow7tb5

Bloody Aim: [Passive] Get it, it increases the amount of HP you get from the skills Vampire Touch and Vampire Kiss

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warlockrow8yq3

Vampire Touch:
This sucks HP out of your enemy, and gives it to yourself. It doesn't
do that much damage, but it very helpful with your 15 second pot delay.
This skill also gives disease, which makes debuffs have a lot better
chance of being done.

Shadow Armour:
It makes you do a bit of damage to enemies that get too near you for a
certain amount of time. This is more of a fun skill. I'd say it is
optional. The damage isn't that much

Scream Mask:
a great buff to give to others. It makes people have a chance of
getting stunned if the person who has the buff is attacked. Great for
all PVP. But, once you switch weapons, this buff is removed (Cannot be
used on yourself).

Reflect: You have a 35% chance of reflecting a certain amount of damage off your enemy. Leaves when you switch weapons

Vampire Kiss: AOE ; See: Vampire Touch. I enjoy this skill better because it seems to be faster, and speed counts.

Dusk Armour: See: Shadow Armour

Advanced Reflect: See Reflect ; Stays when switching weapons, when maxed out, it reflects 90% of the damage

[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock Warlockrow9zc7

Slumber: Makes your enemy fall asleep for 20 seconds. But, if you attack them/debuff them, they'll wake up.

Wheel Bind:
Makes your enemy have a longer pot delay, and healing skills will heal
this. Very useful for PVP, and gives Chinese a bit of what use
Europeans taste.

Mirage: Reduces Aggro amount. Optional, and you don't need to have a warlock rod to use this weapon.

Deep Slumber: AOE ; See: Slumber. Raises Slumber level so your debuff level is higher

Phantasma: See: Mirage


This is how I
Pvp. If other people have other ways, PLEASE post them, and if there
reasonable/good, I will add them to this guide with your name.

Chinese (ALL)/Euro Warrior:
First, I stun them. Then, I use Vampire Kiss to give them disease,
which makes debuffs almost never fail at all. After, I debuff them with
the Raze Debuffs and WheelBind and also Bloody Trap. After that, I put
them to sleep, switch weapons, and start using Warrior skills to kill
him (Use Mana/Iron Skin if needed). It works a lot, just keep repeating
this if its a long battle. And, if your HP is low, I suggest using
Vampire Kiss, but if your about to kill them, don't worry about it.

Euro Wizard/Rogue:
If you're holding a warlock rod, I suggest stunning them as soon as you
see them, and than killing them. Only debuff if they don't have there
Life Control/Dagger Desperate/Crossbow Extreme. But if your attacked
unexpectedly without a warlock rod, I suggest using Sprint Assault to
hopefully knock back/stun the enemy and stop his attack

Just stun, use Vampire Kiss when needed, and kill with warrior skills.
They will heal themselves from Warlock debuffs and Bloody Trap, so it
is pointless to debuff them.


If someone has a cleric, your warlock days are over. Clerics can heal
debuffs/bloody traps from themselves and other characters. Just use
your Warrior Skills if they do, and you'll still be strong.

VIII.Warrior/Warlock Videos
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[BUILD] Warrior/Warlock
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