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 [BUILD] Spear 69:70

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PostSubject: [BUILD] Spear 69:70   Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:49 am

69:70 Heuksal Guide


This build? Fire VS Light is the question all int based builds have to
ask. It's a question of Power VS Speed. All in all Fire is the superior
choice for a Hybrid. The point of going Hybrid is to capitalize on
Physical Defense and HP; however, in exchange you sacrifice magical
damage. Hybridizing removes the need for garms, puts less priority on
Ice, and makes you stronger against both str and int. The more Hybrid
you are the better you do against int and the longer you last against
str. This build is all about PvP, Maxing at 22k HP and 21k MP this
build has 4k less HP than a pure str, has Higher Physical and Magical
defense than a pure int S/S, formidable offense, overwhelming DPS, 40%
Snow Shield, and (overall) is the most balanced Chinese Build of the 90


  1. Lvl 90

  2. Lvl 90

  3. Lvl 60

  4. Lvl 60

  5. Lvl 90 Gear
  6. PvE
  7. PvP
  8. Q&A
  9. Credits


  • Blue: Must Have
  • Green: Optional
  • Red: NO!
  • DPS: Damage Per Second

1. Lvl 90 Heuksal:

  • Annihilating Blade Series

        wouldn't recommend the Annihilating Blade Series because it adds
        nothing to your build. It can be used as filler during PvE but during
        PvP it will act more as DPS. The most Important part of this build is
        maintaining a High DPS. The Goal of Heuksal based builds is to maintain
        a high enough DPS to set your target at a specific HP amount from which
        you will be able to finish them. This move aids in that venture. I
        would restrict this move to group PvP. Get it if you have the SP, otherwise: skip it.

  • Fanning Spear Series

        Spear Series: GET IT, GET IT, GET IT! This move is what puts you one
        step ahead of Pure Ints and Str Hybs! It increases your magical defense
        exponentially for 15 seconds! It effectively reduces the amount of
        damage int based builds can "dish out"! I like this move, it's a life
        saving move. Say a Wizard Nukes you while in LT/LC, the first hit won't
        kill you but the second hit will, but if you activate the third book
        before you're hit you won't die; furthermore, when used properly in
        conjunction with snow shield against pure int S/S you will have 30 more
        seconds of Higher defense. You only need the first and third book.

  • Heuksal Spear Series

        This series is one of the most necessary because of dull
        and it's applications in PvE. Dull is a status effect that slows down
        the speed of movement and attacks, Heuksal Spear may not pack a punch
        but it's DPS is something you will hold dear and close to your "heart".
        It's faster than the soul-spear equivalents but dishes out slightly
        lower damage. A Trade in of Speed and Dull for damage is good.

  • Soul Departs Spear Series

      crux of Heuksal Spearmanship. This move comes with Stun and is the
      strongest move in your Heuksal arsenal. I especially enjoy this series
      because of it's raw power. The damage behind this set of moves is
      phenomenal and you won't regret spending sp on it.
  • Ghost Spear Attack Series

      The ghost spear series is your finisher and another "life-saver." It has a slight delay so do not
      spam it after every other move. I love Ghost Spear because it's quick
      and can KB. The speed at which it acts (near instantaneous) makes it
      good for finishing off targets and for quickly knocking the target back
      (if necessary). Say a wizard attacks you, as mentioned earlier: The
      first hit won't kill you but the second one will. Once you're hit,
      activate Snake Storm, Phantom to your target, and quickly tap GS. Now
      you have a dead wizard on your hands.
  • Chain Spear Attack Series

      This move can be used a group DPS move but IMO, it's purely aesthetic.
  • Flying Dragon Spear Series

      move serves the purpose of luring, killing rogues, killing wizards, and
      (at 100 cap) DPS. Get it if you plan on taking this build past 100 or
      if you need an extra lure; otherwise, skip it.
  • Cheolsam Force Series (Passive)

      Your HP increase Passive: MAX IT!
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PostSubject: Re: [BUILD] Spear 69:70   Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:50 am

2. Lvl 90 Fire:

  • Fire Force Series

      Imbue. You get 2/3 of your damage from your imbue, the other 1/3 is
      from physical attacks. Your Imbue should always be up to date. It is
      the strongest Imbue the Force series has to offer.
  • Fire Shield Series

      Your immunity. Max it. You don't need a shield equipped to maintain it, you only need a shield to activate it.
  • Flame Body Series

      This increases your physical damage by a set amount peaking at 9%. Max it.
  • Fire Protection Series

      your magical defense. Get it, you're not wearing Garments. Most Int
      based builds wear garms and go 90 ice/light/weapons. Going light hybrid
      with fire in garms puts you one step ahead of the game.
  • Fire wall-Tower

      I would max it because it prevents: Stun, KB, KD, and all Status
      effects. This includes debuffs. The reason you want it maxed is because
      Chinese use both magical and physical attacks. Against a blader or
      force user you will find yourself in dire need of a maxed fire wall.
  • Flame Wave Series

      This is up to you. I have nukes but you may not want nukes. I will tell
      you this much: Your nukes still do formidable damage and it's a good
      way of opening a match against another player. They may not be the best
      but the damage it does do is enough to make a difference in how quickly
      you kill the enemy. The nukes are also great lures and good at
      transitions. When you nuke then do a physical attack, your character
      moves from nuke to attack smoothly. This is all about maintaining a
      considerably high DPS.
  • Fire Combustion

      move is useful in small close combat situations where you know a rogue
      or wizard is coming. I wouldn't bother maxing it get it.
  • Flame devil force

      Max it. This is your physical damage passive.

3. Lvl 60 Ice:

  • Ice river force

      You have an imbue already, skip Ice. It serves no purpose in PvE or PvP when left at 60.
  • Weak guard of ice

      want, this skill is Physical defense and when put on top of the
      passive, protector set. and 69% str balance you should still be able to
      tank physical based mobs and players well.
  • Cold Wave Attack Series

      Not worth it, don't bother.
  • Frost Wall Series

      I have this set as optional I would Highly recommend allocating sp in
      this series because it is a great help against pure ints that can KB,
      KD, stun, or cause status effects. It also helps against rogues and
      pure str European characters.
  • Frost Nova Series

      set this one as optional because it isn't a requirement for this build
      but I would get it anyway. This series is great against Europeans
      without Cleric subclass, giving that upper hand needed to combat them.
  • Snow Storm Series

      Not worth it, don't even bother.
  • Snow Shield Series

      WANT! 40% Snow Shield means 40% of all damage is allocated to your MP
      reducing damage received by 2/5ths for 2 minutes. The move has a one
      minute cool-down (30 seconds against int based builds) and one should
      learn not to rely to heavily on Snow Shield.
  • Cold Armor Series (Passive)

      Physical defense passive. This is part of the equation to a solid PvP build.

4. Lvl 60 Light:

  • Thundertiger force

      you should get the first 3 light imbues for transfer purposes: It
      transfers all status effects, and increases the range of all AoE by 4m
      and 2 targets. Use it to Group mobs together, then kill with Fire Imbue.
  • Piercing Force Series

      This increases your magical damage by a certain percentage. For you it peaks at 15%.
  • Wind Walk Series

      grasswalk series is your speed increase, max it as far as you can.
      Phantom is essential for chasing down foes who try to run, running down
      foes at a distance, escaping danger, and increasing the speed of
  • Lion Shout Series

      you're level 90 and this is level 60 it won't pack a punch in PvP but
      in PvE it will be your principle lurer. You can use the skills back to
      back so lure often and wisely.
  • Concentration Series

      increases your parry ratio. "What is parry." Parry can be described as
      the stat like defense. It reduces the amount of damage you receive
      pushing it towards the lower end of your target's damage spectrum.
  • Thunderbolt Force Series

      luring is good luring. I set this as green because some people may not
      want the light nukes but I think they're a great aid in AoE grinding.
  • Heaven's Force Series (Passive)

      This increases your parry: Max it!
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PostSubject: Re: [BUILD] Spear 69:70   Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:50 am

5. Lvl 90 Gear:

  • Your Offense:

    • The Sword should be +5. Prioritize the following:
        High AR 41%+
        High Magical Reinforce 41%+
        High Magical Damage 41%+
    • The Shield should be +5. Prioritize the following:
        High BR 41%+
        High Magical Defense 41%+
        High Physical defense 41%+
        High Magical Reinforce 41%+
        High Physical Reinforce 41%+
    • The Spear should be no less than +7. Prioritize the following:
        Physical Attack 41%+
        Magical Attack 41%+
        Magical Reinforce 41%+
        AR 41%+
        Physical Reinforce 41%+
        Critical 41%+
  • Your Defense:

    • Your protector set's average plus should be at least +4. Prioritize the following:
        High Physical Defense 41%+
        High Physical Reinforce 41%+
        High Magical Defense 41%+
        High Magical Reinforce 41%+
        Parry 41%+
  • Your Jewels:

    • Your jewels should at least be +3. Make sure to max magical and physical absorption
  • Major Blues:
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PostSubject: Re: [BUILD] Spear 69:70   Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:50 am

6. Player VS Environment:

PART ONE: Where to grind.

  • From level 1-7 Grind on these:

  • From level 8-12 grind on these:

  • From level 13-17:

  • From level 18-24:

  • From level 25-27:

  • From level 28-32:

  • From level 33-35:

  • From level 36-38:

  • From level 39-42:

    MOVE TO HOTAN</li>
  • From level 43-45:

  • From level 46-50:

  • From level 51-55:

  • From level 56-60:

  • From level 61-70

  • From 71-75:

  • From 76-80:

  • From 81-90:

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PostSubject: Re: [BUILD] Spear 69:70   Sun Mar 08, 2009 6:51 am


how to grind is essential to good leveling. You don't want to use moves
because they look pretty or moves that will leave you open for to long
(I.E.) Standing in one place because everything is on cooldown:
Here is your PvE Arsenal from 32-41:

  • When you first start:

  • When you finish:

the beginning you will use: Lionshout~>Heuksal Spear~>Ghost
Spear. Later @58+ you will use Lionshout~>Soul Spear~>Ghost Spear.

High Spawn areas you use a level 1 light imbue, your fire nuke, light
nuke, and LionShout to AoE. Once you have a Large Group, use Heuksal
Spear and Ghost Spear to kill them. This is most effective after level
41 when you have 2 Ghost Spears, 2 Soul Spears, Jade Breaking Spear,
and more "Force based AoE". Gather them, then target one and use
GSP(etal), then target another one and use GSP(rince), then target
another and Use a Light Nuke followed by Jade Breaking Spear. Kill the
spares with Soul Spear*2. That is the basic to AoE Grinding. Lure them
with Nukes, Lion Shout, and Light Imbue then kill them with GS, Fire
Imbue, SS, and HS.

7. Player VS Player:

Part1: HP

Heuksal builds need to keep one very important thing in mind: The amount of HP the Target has.

  • S/S Ints have 13k HP
  • Int Spears have 17k HP
  • All Str builds except Glaivers have 26k HP
  • Glaivers have 31k HP
  • Vital Increasing Warriors have 35k HP
I'm not to sure about the last one.

Part 2: S/S

going against an int S/S the First thing you need to know before
charging in like a raging viking that took to many shots of vodka is
that they can't kill you but you can kill them.

Secondly: Int
S/S can and will try to debuff you. An easy counter to this is throwing
up an Ice Wall. Ice walls and fire walls stop debuffs and KD from
effecting you. You now have the upper hand. The physical damage an S/S
dishes out is so pitiful that your Ice wall will seldom be down.

Knowing their disadvantages and advantages. Their Snow Shield is 13%
higher, they have a physical defense buff, they can debuff you, and
they can interrupt you with KD, they have a shield constantly equipped;
however, they have 13k hp, no magical defense buff, weaker moves,
weaker imbue, and less DPS. You can deal more damage than they can in a
shorter amount of time and you can outlast them in a serious battle.
Their advantages are offset by the following tactical advantages: Their
Snow Shield is as much an adherence as it is a God-Send. Sure they can
tank for 2 extra minutes but when those two minutes are up they're
mince meat and during those two minutes the damage done on them and the
mp their moves use take a serious tole on their defense. Meaning what?
They don't stand a snowball's chance in hell. Just keep in mind their
low HP and low damage. When they have Snow Shield wait for a crit,
follow up with a Windless then GSSC. It will finish them. The reason
you use Windless before GSSC is because the Heuksal Spear series keeps
a good and fast flow between your moves. Make sure to equip your Shield
after using GSSC.

Part 3: Glaiver

should see a routine forming: First off cast a firewall. Glaivers may
not have debuffs but they can KB, stun, and dull you. Fire Wall removes
the fear of interruption from the back of your head.

Lesson is DPS: Maintaining a high DPS is essential to good PvP. An
example of low DPS is:SSE~>SSS~>GS and repeat. Because Glaivers
have such a massive amount of HP you want to maintain a steady stream
of quick attacks, good EX: SSE~>SSS~>WS. Keep using that pattern
until you get Dull. If Dull isn't pilled away start using SSE followed
by SSS. When you stun them after a strong crit throw in a Flame Wave
Wide to set them, then to keep the speed up launch WS and finish with

Just keep this in Mind: Glaivers aren't who you should be
worried about. The true adversary of this build is the W/C. The worst
Glaivers can do to you is reduce your magical damage and it's only for
15 seconds. Just practice your shield switching and you should be fine.

Part 4: Blader

Blader has a shield and the ability to increase it's defense for 15
seconds. It has the ability to cast 3 major debuffs: division, bleed,
and impotent.

most bladers are pure str and lack a physical based stun casting a
firewall will prevent all debuffs (except bleed) and knockdown
techniques from being cast. This gives you a large advantage
offensively. Without debuffs and a quad stab the Blader won't kill you.
Use the shield and buff tactics that were reviewed earlier to prevent
the Blader from gaining Momentum. Use your shield when you're knocked
down, use your shield after Ghost Spear, use Snow Shield sparingly, and
always recast firewall.

Emperor, Soul, and Windless until you cast dull. Once dull is cast
focus on Emperor and Soul. It is safe to use FWW for extra damage. It's
good and should do about the same damage as a full Soul. Make sure to
keep his HP (~26k compared to your 22k) and the damage you have done in
mind. Once he hits what I like to call the critical period tap GSSC to
finish him.

Part 5: Bow

---*There are only a few things you need to worry about when fighting a Bowman.
first thing is match resets. It doesn't happen often but some Bowmen
have a habit of using phantom when Arrow combo is on cool-down and
their hp is low. This resets the match allowing both of you to regain
---*The second thing is strongbow. The strongest physical attack
in the Chinese arsenal. It boast a critical increase, range increase,
and a low stun probability.

they use phantom it's usually followed with a strongbow to prevent your
hp from going back up. What he's doing is capitalizing on his range.
They use it when you cast Fire-Wall or Ice-Wall and they use it when
their HP is running low. Your nukes can't keep up and neither can
Dragon flow. What you're going to need to do is equip your shield and
follow through with a phantom. The average Bow is 90 light. That gives
them 23.5m of range. You have 19m. Thats 4.5m difference. It isn't much
but once you close the gap switch back to your spear and use the last
dragon flow book followed by Emperor. Just play it safe and don't let
them lead you around.

solution is simple: Whenever you see strongbow equip your shield.
Reduces the probability of a critical, it might block, and it reduces
damage. Your shield will become your best friend.

Part 6: Warrior/Cleric


  • The Shield:
    Why do you have a shield? Simple really, it's to reduce the damage
    received when KDed and to give you defense during the delay GS has.
    When you're knocked down equip your shield, it cuts the damage down by
    a considerable amount. When you're low on HP tap GS and equip your
    shield then reequip your spear and follow up with a Soul*2 then
    Windless. Keep their HP in Mind.
  • Ghost Spear:
    When to use it and why. You use Ghost Spear after you have done
    considerable damage on your opponent or to recover HP. If you have a
    decent memory this shouldn't be a problem. Just keep in mind how much
    damage you have done and how much HP your enemy has. Don't just Hit GS
    after you see a Heavy crit unless that crit has followed other moves or
    was preceded by a previous crit. Never
    use GS just because it isn't on cool down. There's like a 2.5 second
    delay after using a GS. If you just keep pressing it every time the
    cool down is done you won't kill anyone. When you're HP is below 1/2
    use GS. The reason you use it at that point is to give yourself room to
    breath, that KB can and will save you.
  • The Sword:
    When you saw sword on the weapons list you were probably thinking,
    "what?" Well, it's quite simple actually. After Using GS, if you KB
    equip your shield and sword quickly tap FWW (flame wave wide), then
    reequip your shield and follow up with SSS. The sword is there to allow
    you to throw in a nuke in safety. It is also there to battle those
    pesky warriors that have a habit of retreating into their turtle shell.
  • Nukes in PvP:
    Against pure str always open the Match with a Nuke. The best nuke to
    use would be FWW. Start the match with it to set them then follow up
    with SSE followed by SSS then windless and repeat. When a stun follows
    a high crit use FWW then Windless and finish with GSSC

8. Q&A:
If you have any questions about fighting other builds feel free to post them and I will respond accordingly.

Q: Is the sword Mandatory?
A: The Sword is Optional but I like to have it anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: [BUILD] Spear 69:70   

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[BUILD] Spear 69:70
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