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 Free silk! (Not sure if it works)

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Main Administrator

PostSubject: Free silk! (Not sure if it works)   Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:54 am

Hi this is something i found on Isro Forum. I havent tryed it, but it might work ^^

- Generell FAQ
- I. Registring FAQ
- II. Buying a Credit Card FAQ
- III. Login your Char FAQ
- IV. Charging Silk FAQ
Generell FAQ:

Q: Why are you doing this ?
A: I love iSRO but I hate JOYMAX.

Q: Why do you hate JOYMAX ?
A: Because they are fooling us, cheating on us & worst of all is they dont support us.

Q: Why are you releasing this kind of Tutorial ?
I think its time to make JOYMAX pay for their greedy & carelessly
behaviour. And everyone who feels the same about JOYMAX can fake Silk
now to make them bleed.

Q: Do I have to fear anything if I fake Silk ?
A: As long as you follow the Tutorial step by step nothing can happen to you.

Q: How much Silk did you faked by now ?
A: I fake Silk since Paypal has been accepted as pay methode. I have faked about 90.000 Silk by now.

Q: What can I do if I have successfully faked Silk on one of my Accounts ?
A: Anything you want. Play Magic Pop or sell Globals or buy Premium Plus Ticket to have a better chance in Alchemy.

Q: Does this Tutorial really work.
A: Yes it does, but please follow the Tutorial step by step to avoid any problems.
I. Registring FAQ:

Q: Why do I have to create a new E-Mail ?
A: Because you are going to use this E-Mail only to buy Credit Cards.

Q: Why does my Password have to be long & contain letters & numbers ?
A: Because it is the best way to protect your Account.

Q: Where is the E-Mail from ?
A: It is either in your inbox or in your junkbox of your Email.

Q: Why do I have to click on the Activation Link ?
A: To make your Account work.
II. Buying a Credit Card FAQ:

Q: Why do I have to pay for a Credit Card ?
A: Because it isnt for free.

Q: How many Credit Cards can I buy ?
A: There is no limit, you can buy as much as you want as long as there are Credit Cards available.

Q: Where are my bought Credit Card Infos saved ?
A: Login to your Account & click on the See your bought CCs Click here Link.

Q: How many times can I use a Credit Card ?
A: Most Credit Cards can only be used 2~4 times.

Q: My bought Credit Card doesnt seem to work anymore, what can I do ?
A: Buy a new one.
III. Login your Char FAQ:

Q: Why does the Char has to be at least Lv21 before I can charge Silk ?
A: Because you cant charge Silk with Chars who arent Lv21 or higher.

Q: Why do I have to login the Char first ?
Because there is a Silk Charge Bug & sometimes you can only receive
the Silk if your Char is allready logged in to the game.

Q: Do I allways have to login the Char before I fake Silk with it ?
A: Yes, it would be the best.

Q: Why would it be the best to login the Char first ?
A: Because you can enjoy the Silk directly.
IV. Charging Silk FAQ:

Q: Why cant I use my PC at home to charge Silk ?
A: Because you could get into trouble if you do so, just use a PC from an Internetcafe & everything will be just fine.

Q: Which Account am I going to charge Silk on ?
A: Use the Account that you have logged in to the game at your Home.

Q: How much Silk can I charge per Day & per Account ?
A: 500 Silk per Day & per Account only.

Q: I have charged Silk on the Account successfully, what do I have to do now ?
A: Leave the Internetcafe, go Home & have fun with 500 Silk.

Q: I want to charge more Silk with the same Credit Card on an other Account, what do I have to watch out for ?
A: You just need to change the PC because you can only use Paypal & Credit Card Payment once per IP/PC & once per Day.

I. Registring

1. Create a new E-Mail
Note: A Email would be the best

2. Go to

3. Click on Click here to create a new Account
[ Img ]

4. Enter your Username, Password & E-Mail
[ Img ]
Note: Do not enter your iSRO Account Infos
Use a long Password with Letters & Numbers
For Example: Newpassword6523

5. Click on Login
If everything was OK you should be now logged in to your Account
[ Img ]
Note: BBBBBBB is just my Testaccount

6. Now you have to activate your Account
Go to your new E-Mail & look for the Email from
Click on the Activation Link to activate your Account.
[ Img ]

I. Note: You have now created a Account on to buy Credit Cards.
II. Buying a Credit Card

Note: Skip Step 1 & 2 if you have a Webmoney Account

1. Go to a Place where you can buy PaySafeCards
Note: Normally every Petrolstation sells PaySafeCards

2. Buy a PaySafeCard with minimum 10€/14$

3. Go home & turn on your PC

4. Go to

5. Enter your Username & Password & click on Login
[ Img ]
You should be now logged in to your Account

6. Click on Payment & choose a Language
[ Img ]

7. Start ICQ & login to your ICQ Account.

8. Add the ICQ Numbers of the Support of
[ Img ]

9. Speak with the Support & tell them your Code
Note: Every Account of has its own Code.
Never share your Code with anyone else than the Support.
This is an example of a Code:
[ Img ]

10. Now you can choose between the pay methode PaySafeCard or Webmoney.
PaySafeCard: If you want to pay with PaySafeCard you have to tell the Support the PaySafeCard Code.
You can find the PaySafeCard Code on the PaySafeCard.
Note: Only PaySafeCards with minimum 10€/14$ will be accepted

Webmoney: If you want to pay with Webmoney you will have to follow the instructions of the Support.

11. After the Support has accepted your payment (PaySafeCard / Webmoney) they will add 12$ on your Account
[ Img ]

12. Click on Credit Cards
[ Img ]

13. Choose how many & the type of Credit Card you want to buy & click on Buy
[ Img ]
Note: There are 2 Types of Credit Cards.
Type1: Visa - Visa Cardnumbers start with 4
Type2: Mastercard - Mastercard Cardnumbers start with 5
The country doesnt matter much, but I suggest you to buy a Credit Card from your Country.
For now there are only German Credit Cards.
Later other Countrys will be available too.

14. After you clicked on Buy you will get Credit Card Infos.
[ Img ]
With the Credit Card Infos you can now buy Silk.
Note: Do not buy Silk at your own PC.

II. Note: All the Credit Card Infos you buy will be safed here: [ Img ]
III. Login your Char

1. Choose one of your Accounts that you want to charge Silk on.
The Account has to contain a Lv21 or higher Char.
Otherwise you wont be able to charge Silk.

2. Login your Char into the game on your own PC.
Before you buy Silk you will have to login the Char first, this is very important.

III. Note: Do not charge Silk if your Char isnt logged in because you maybe wont receive the Silk.
IV. Buying Silk

1. Do not use your own PC or Internetconnection to charge Silk.
I repeat, do not charge Silk at your PC or Home.

2. Keep your Char logged in on your PC at Home & go to an Internetcafe like the one in the picture & take a PC for 30 ~ 60 minutes.
[ Img ]

3. Go to

4. Enter your Username & Password & click on Login
[ Img ]
You should be now logged in to your Account

5. Click on the See your bought CCs Click here Link to see your bought Credi Card Infos.
[ Img ]

6. Go to

7. Login to the Account you have logged in at Home.
Use the same Account that is logged in to the game on your PC.

8. Click on Silk Charge
[ Img ]

9. Agree the User Agreement & click on Silk Charge
[ Img ]

10. Select Paypal
[ Img ]

11. Scroll down & click on Make Payment
[ Img ]

12. Choose 500 Silk + 25 Bonus Silk (50.00 USD) & click on Make Payment
[ Img ]

13. Click on Make Payment
[ Img ]

14. Fill out the fields with the Credit Card Info you have bought & click on the Yellow Button
[ Img ]
Note: If you buy a german Credit Card than you have to choose Germany (Deutschland) as Country (Land).
The Email doesnt matter, just fill in what you want.

15. Complete the payment & enjoy the 525 Silk.

Thank You,

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New Member
New Member

PostSubject: Re: Free silk! (Not sure if it works)   Tue Aug 11, 2009 6:15 am

OMG OMG OMG !!! Free silks !!! But damn, I'm too young and i cant buy something online like credit cards>.>...Oh! And I love this line : I love iSRO but I hate JOYMAX.
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PostSubject: Re: Free silk! (Not sure if it works)   Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:57 am

In my personal opinion I would NOT suggest doing this if your from the United States, simply because it constitutes fraud on soooo many different levels.

And for other countries outside of the USA there is an agency called INTERPOL which does investigate this, even doing it at an internetcafe is still illegal and chances of you being caught are around 95%, the reason for this is cuz almost all of the internet cafes have cameras in them and the computer you sat at to do this will have your face all over it.


[size=21]Payment Cards

Payment card fraud is a generic term used to describe a range of
offences involving theft and fraudulent use of payment card account
data. Frequent types of payment card fraud include:

  • Application fraud – a type of
    ID theft crime in which payment cards are obtained through a fraudulent
    application process using stolen or counterfeit documents.

  • Account takeover – another
    type of ID theft crime, this usually involves deception of a financial
    institution, re-issue of a payment card and its redirection to a
    different address.

  • Lost / stolen card – as the
    name suggests, this type of fraud involves misuse of actual cards that
    are either lost or stolen from the genuine cardholder.

  • Counterfeit card – fraud
    undertaken using plastic cards that have been specifically produced or
    existing cards that have been altered. These cards are encoded with
    illegally obtained payment card account data in order to pay for goods
    and services or to withdraw cash.

  • Card not present (CNP) – fraud
    committed using payment card account data to undertake transactions
    where there is no face-to-face contact between the seller and
    purchaser. Typically, this type of fraud is committed by Internet, mail
    order or telephone. CNP fraud is currently the fastest growing payment
    card related type of fraud in many areas of the world.

INTERPOL's involvement
INTERPOL has been at the forefront of an organized international
response to payment card fraud for many years. The General Secretariat
continues to offer specialized assistance to national law enforcement
authorities in its 187 member countries through a range of operational
support, database services and police training.
The INTERPOL Counterfeit Payment Cards Database was specifically
created to assist in the fight against counterfeit payment card fraud,
and is recognized as a valuable tool for successful collaboration on a
global scale.
The Organization offers standard or tailored police training
courses aimed at enhancing the capabilities of regional and national
police in this field, depending on their specific operational and
strategic needs. In some cases, course material is developed in
collaboration with national law enforcement authorities as well as the
payment card industry.
In addition to making available its full range of services to law
enforcement authorities, some of INTERPOL's tools are also available to
payment card fraud investigators from the financial sector.

Co-operation and partnerships

INTERPOL regularly hosts meetings of its Advisory Group on Payment
Card Fraud. This group is a panel of senior investigators and forensic
experts from several member countries, Europol, American Express,
MasterCard and Visa. The group assists INTERPOL in developing
strategies to combat transnational organized payment card fraud.
INTERPOL is also engaged in developing strategic partnerships with
other international organizations and private-sector bodies. It
continues to explore ways in which it can improve collaboration with
other non-law enforcement entities committed to reducing payment card
fraud, such as the EU Fraud Prevention Expert Group, the ATM Industry
Association, and the International Association of Financial Crimes
Investigators as well as other institutions.
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Main Administrator
Main Administrator

PostSubject: Re: Free silk! (Not sure if it works)   Wed Aug 12, 2009 1:23 am

oh shit^^ maby ill just delete the topic, i didnt think about those laws^^

Thank You,

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Global Moderator
Global Moderator

PostSubject: Re: Free silk! (Not sure if it works)   Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:03 am

haha would be nice if that was possible, but as soon as i readed this i wondered the following:

why would anyone ever share this with others if they found this? ^.^
Imagine how many money you could make if you could really get free silks.. i would make a ton of real life euro's Wink
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PostSubject: Re: Free silk! (Not sure if it works)   

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Free silk! (Not sure if it works)
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