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 [BUILD] Bow hybrid STR

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[BUILD] Bow hybrid STR Empty
PostSubject: [BUILD] Bow hybrid STR   [BUILD] Bow hybrid STR I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 6:41 am

This Guide will include:
-Hybrid Ratio
-PvP/E Tips


Why should I be hybrid bower? Isn't pure str better?

is a very commonly asked question. Pure str is better in some ways, but
then again so is hybrid. Hybrid don't have godly crits like pure str's
do but they're average damage is MUCH better. For example a pure str's
max damage would be higher than that of a hybrid, here's how it works.
Lets say a pure str will hit 10k with strong bow and a hybrid hits 12k.
In Zerk the pure str would hit 20k and the hybrid 24k. However if the
pure str manages to get a crit in zerk his damage would double, meaning
he would hit 40k. They hybrid's damage doesn't double therefore he
would hit around 36k. This is just approximated.


What Masteries do I get?

For this cap [90] I recommend either 90 pacheon/fire and 60 light/ice or 90 pacheon/fire 72 ice and 48 light.


-Skip it


Anti Devil Bow Series

it! This skill is very important, it increases the chance of you
getting a critical. Even though a hybrid's crits aren't amazing they're
still strong!

Arrow Combos
This is optional, at lvl 73 you get a arrow combo which deals KB [knockback]. It's really good for surviving in PvP

Hawk Series
it! Only max the 1st and 3rd series of this tree, it increases your AR
[attack rating] which means you hit closer to your maximum damage.

Autumn Wind Series

This is optional. It doesn't deal great damage, however if you want a fancy skill bar with lots of skills, get it.

Break Heaven Series
This is an important skill! Definitely max it! It increases your range.

Explosion Arrow Series
skill is very effective when fighting more than 1 mob at a time. It has
AoE damage, and at lvl 69 has 350% [same as strong bow] Get this skill!

Strong Bow
This is probably the most important skill of a bower. It deals sick damage even at low lvls. GET IT!!

Mind Bow
This is optional. If you want to simultaneously attack 4 mobs than get this. It's great for powerleveling.

Mind Concentration
Attack Rating. Increase. Get it.


Fire Force
This will be your main imbue. Max it. It also deals DoT.

Fire Shield Series
Max it. It gives you immunity.

Flame Body Series
This is a very important buff! It temporarily increases your physical damage.

Fire Protection Series
Max it. It increases your magical defense which is helpful when PvPing nukers.

Max it, increases physical damage permanently!


Piercing Force Series
Max this. It increases your magical damage. You are hybridized therefore this skill increases your damage by ALOT.

Wind Walk
This skill increases your moving speed and also enables you to teleport.

Concentration Series
This buff increases your parry ratio, max it. It helps you survive ^^

Max it, increases parry.


Ice Guard Series [This, and the passive, are the only skills you need from Ice]
Max it, increases your physical defense.

Ice Passive Max it, increases your physical defense.

people might want to learn snow shield. Whatever floats your boat. I
personally don't use snow shield and survive just fine.

Hybrid Ratio

Since you use bow you should be more on the str side of hybrid. DON'T
have a physical balance of over 90% naked. A few well-know hybrid bower
buids are: 70:70, 2:1, 3:1. Choose whichever you like. I wanted to be
different so my build is totally unique. I went pure str from lvl 1 -
30 and when went 2:1 onwards.

PvP/E Tips and Suggestions

I recommend that you do NOT
use strong bow in PvE. Simply because it doesn't 1 hit the mob, it just
leaves it hanging there at 20% hp which is really irritating. Using a
250% would be overdoing it and an arrow combo finishes the mob off
before all the arrows hit. ^^ Usually if you use 2 250% skills it will
kill the mob. If not, then buy a better weapon!

I don't really need to suggest anything for PvP, hybrid bowers simply just pwn in PvP. The ONLYbuild
which I have had trouble killing is warrior/warlock. But I still came
out on top. In PvP try not to use arrow combos, unless you have the lvl
73 combo which deals knockback. Mainly use strongbow and anti devil
series skills.

Versing Pure Int's in PvP

Int's aren't a problem at all. You can 2 hit them before they even get
you down to 50% hp. Against pure int's you might have to use snow
shield, at lvl 4x-6x just spam strongbow + anti devil skills, at 73+
when you get the knockback skill add it to your spam list.

Versing Pure Str's in PvP

Str's last a bit longer than Pure Int's, but you will still win.
Against pure str's do the same thing that you do against pure int's,
spam strong bow + anti devil and at higher lvls also spam knockback.
Against bladers use ghost walk after every time they KD you, it helps


Don't even bother with those two, they'll just invis/stealth attack and run to safe zone.


build is a bit tricky to kill, mostly use strong bow and anti devil
skills, at higher lvls use KB as much as possible to make sure they
don't put those bad statuses on you. You should use snow against this
build, for the first half of the pvp (when they're putting statuses on
you) try to use alot of KB.



to go with garment or protector, armor doesn't really give you any
advantages besides looking bad-ass. At low lvls try to get at least +3
garment/prot sets with decent blues/ At higher lvls aim for +5 or

As for weapon, you need at least a +4 bow with a crit of 5 or higher.
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[BUILD] Bow hybrid STR
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